Kronos Circadian Luminometer and CO2 incubator 

The Kronos is worlds best Light signal incubator.  

 Luciferin oxidation by luciferase cloned into the cell next as a markergene will emit light in presence of lucifering. Like GFP but without external light source.

GFP cannot be used in to the Kronos HT or Kronos Dio. 

There are a lot of different luciferases and they emitt in different wavelenghts light.

6 different luciferases are available from Gentaur in plasmids, lentivectors and paticles. ABM good, Cell Biolabs SBI have the best luciferase trandsducting verctors.

Ask Gentaur for the vector map of these vectors. AAV7 is the best vector for kidney cells. Commomly used is the CMV promotor for deviding cells, tells Vasilyi Abaev from the Gen group. Molecular Biologist from the University of Sofia.

Synchronization of Cellular Clocks in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

  • December 2003
  • Science 302(5649):1408-12