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Production of Antibodies

Producing monoclonal mouse antibodies at Abfrontier involves several key steps. Our Monoclonal antibodies are Korean laboratory-made molecules that can mimic the immune system's ability to fight off harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Here is an overview of the production process:

Antigen Selection:

Identify and select the target antigen against which the antibodies will be generated. The antigen is a specific molecule that triggers an immune response.


Inject mice with the chosen antigen to stimulate an immune response. The immune system of the mice will produce antibodies against the antigen.

Cell Fusion:

Isolate B cells from the immunized mice. B cells are responsible for producing antibodies. These B cells are then fused with immortalized myeloma cells to create hybridoma cells. Hybridomas have the ability to continuously produce antibodies.

Screening and Cloning:

Select hybridoma cells that produce antibodies with high specificity and affinity for the target antigen. Screening is typically done using techniques like enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

Expansion of Hybridoma Cells:

Culture and expand the selected hybridoma cells in a suitable growth medium. This step is crucial to produce a sufficient quantity of monoclonal antibodies.

Antibody Purification:

Harvest the culture supernatant containing the antibodies and purify the antibodies to remove any contaminants. Common purification methods include chromatography.

Testing and Characterization:

Characterize the purified monoclonal antibodies for specificity, affinity, and functionality. Various assays are used to assess the binding properties and biological activity of the antibodies.

Scaling Up Production:

Once a viable hybridoma cell line is established and characterized, scale up the production to generate larger quantities of monoclonal antibodies.


Store the purified antibodies without freeze thawing to maintain for stability. 

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Antibody team

Tony Fred, Biologist

Founder of our lab with 7 years of Lab experience.

Mich Stark, COO

Mich loves orking with mice. With his multi-year experience as Lab Technician, Mich has helped the company to get where it is today. Mich is among the best minds.

Aline Turner, CTO

Aline is one aughter of  the Turner Biosystems family. She mentors customer support on flow antibodies.

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Iris, with her international experience, helps us easily understand the ustomers questions to bring the company to the next level.